Well, hello there! This is the sort-of home of Smack and Cheese Comics, a generally unrelated series of Flash comics I draw for the entertainment of me and my friends. "Draw" is actually a strong word, I think, I guess it's more like... "scribble." But hey, they're fun, and we get a kick out of them. Below are the ones that I've done so far in chronological order. Got a question? Send me some mail.

This was my first comic ever. It's kinda before I got the hang of things, but it's still pretty funny in my humble opinion.

A fateful encounter one night between me and a TV dinner.

The unforeseen perils of riding the New York City subway.

The first in a new series about my friend Jen, aka, Number One Girl. This issue: Number One Girl battles the evil Grrl Surly.

  ©2002. deanna zandt. most rights reserved, i think.